Monday, January 7, 2013

Trivia 2013 - This Time It's Personal!

Hi All!

Remember those far off glory days of 2012?

Remember the twitches of anticipation when you would open your email on Monday or Tuesday thinking, hoping, praying, “Oh Lord above! Please let this be the day that I find yet another incredibly entertaining and informative email from Rob, reminding me about the weekly trivia tournament!”

Remember the weekly tournaments?
The challenge?
The fun?

No, the bar which dare not speak its name hasn’t reopened.

No new gig in Akron, yet.

And that’s the key word:


In the fall, the old regional sales guy for LastCallUSA (my trivia bosses) left the company.
They are looking for a new person, but they now finally have someone covering the area with two important qualities:
a clue 
an ability to call on local bars.

So, I need your help:

Do you know a bar owner, or bar manager?
    Who works at a place that might to pump up more business?
         Specifically by hosting Trivia nights?
              Specifically, the type that I run?

If you can answer all of those questions with a yes, can you please send me the following information:
  The bar name
  The name of your contact
  Phone number of your contact
  Email address of your contact (optional, but nice)

I know I have asked all of you to send me information like this before, but with a new person to follow up on these leads, there is a reasonable chance that we can start up again in 2013!

And, because I know you are all watching out for your own bottom line and asking, “What’s in it for me?

Several things, actually:
1.       The undying gratitude of me, and your trivial brethren and cistern !
2.       A cheezy prize for EVERY lead with a name a phone number – payable in full if/when we get up and running again.
3.       A sticker.  Of some kind.  I haven’t decided of what, yet.  Because, stickers are cool.

Now, I know you are hoping to earn #1 on that list, but you can’t drink gratitude.

However, if you send a lead, and they sign on you’ll also have a NIGHT OUT.  FOR FREE.  ON ME.*

*Essentially, I’ll pick up your tab on a trivia night. 
If you are on a winning team, we’ll roll it to the next week. 
No ordering a round “on the house” just to bankrupt me and such.
Other restrictions may apply, see Rob for full details.

So,please, let me know.