Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trivia Tuesday at the Lighthouse! - June 26 - Rob is Back

Hello Trivia-Keteers!

I just flew back from Arizona, and boy is my ******* tired from being probed by the TSA!

But, humorously folks, I am back from the Southwest, and had a wonderful time.

MANY THANKS go out to DJ Tim who really was able to help out by filling in for me, on rather short notice.  Tim said he had an excellent time.

Looks as if we had only two league teams in play last week, and it was a knuckle-biter.  CONGRATULATIONS go out to Team Gooders for edging out Team e=MC awesome by a point!

Remember to check our website for a hint:

(Remember - you are looking at the "Trivia" section of the hints - they are listed in NO particular order, and one of them is guaranteed to be an answer to a question tonight.  Actually, I suppose they could ALL be answers, but only one of them is guaranteed to be a CORRECT answer. . . )

Hope to see you all at 7:30 on the 26th!

your humble host,

Rev. Rob't Core

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday trivia - sub host!

Hello Triviaketeers!

I hope you are all excited for tonight's Tuesday Trivia!

This should be an amazing show - there are a ton of folks scheduled tonight, and great questions.

We have a special guest host tonight, the amazing Tim, who stepped in for me tonight
At the last minute.  Thanks, Tim.

I'll be back next Tuesday.

Remember to check for hints!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thanks to all who showed up last night!

The final top scores wound up like this:

Team Score Place
Gouda Hell 92         1
GBA         86         2
Canal Rats 85         3

Gouda Hell was team of visitors from up north who showed up for the express reason of ruining the chances of our locals. They ARE NOT invited back! (Actually, they were led by one of our hosts from another location. Tim Schifle is a good guy, and hosts the Thursday night show at the BW3 in Avon Lake.  If you are ever up that way on a Thursday, stop in and play.  Make sure you fold your answers when you hand them to him.  He loves that.)

Great showing by the Canal Rats - an group of newcomers from West Akron and Goodyear Heights.  

HONORABLE MENTION goes out to the Fearsome Foursome, another team of newbies.  Last minute recounting knocked them out of the top three. It's my fault.  I marked a question wrong for Team GBA that they actually answered correctly.  Team FF - I offered last night to give you the same prize as third place, but Lisa at the bar told me you didn't take it.  Check in with me next week and I'll take care of that!

Excellent showings by The Gooders and Team e=MC aewsome also.
Team WestSiders - Thanks for returing!

MISSED - A few teams were MIA - The Rack, Sonic Screwdriver, The Beavers, Black Adder, and The Honey Badgers.  I know summer can be a busy time, but feel free to come back any Tuesday.

A WORD ABOUT THE WEEKLY HINTS - For those of you who got the hint email, or looked at the website you saw these hints:
This Week's Hints
06/10 - 06/16
Currants, Digraph, Ginseng, 
Norway, Rhode Island, The Mafia, 
& Walter Skinner 

Juvenile, The McCoys, 
The Miracles, & Passion Pit

I may not have done a great job explaining how the hints work, and the site itself doesn't lay it out very clearly.  So here is my stab at it:
1.) The HINTS are a list of answers that will be in the LastCallUSA trivia shows throughout the week. 
             Each night is a different set of questions. 
             (You could play EVERY night, through the magic of bar hopping). 
2.) ONE of the hints will be an answer in our quiz on Tuesday.
3.) The HINTS are in no particular order.
4.) The NAME-THAT-TUNE hints are for the bars that are running an entire NAME-THAT-TUNE show.  
             If I play a name-that-tune question, it is completely separate.  
             If I ask a music question, it is also comepletely separate.

"So Rob," you may be asking yourself, "why in the name of all that is holy did you send out name that tune hints?" 

It seems to be a computer problem.
I checked with my IT staff, and they assured me that is an ID-10t error.  
They also mentioned something about a PEBKAC issue.  
I hope I get these fixed before next time.

See you next week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tuesday Trivia @ The Lighthouse!

Hi all!

Rob Core here - your host for LastCallUSA's Tuesday Night Trivia at the Lighthouse Bar and Grill!

I know many of you signed up for the Trivia Hints, and have not been receiving them.

The good folks at LastCallUSA have promised me they are on the case.
For now, I am going to cut and paste the hints into a weekly email.
One that is just like this.

I may do goofy contests from time to time, so if you read the whole thing, you may be rewarded. . . 


******pasted hint message begins:

This Week's Hints

06/10 - 06/16

Currants, Digraph, Ginseng, Norway, Rhode Island, The Mafia, & Walter Skinner 
(Rob interrupting - ONE of these will appear as an answer on Tuesday night.  These are in *NO* particular order, so pay attention.)

Juvenile, The McCoys, The Miracles, & Passion Pit


Want to enjoy your FAVORITE trivia show outdoors? Beach Club Grill in Concord has trivia IN the bar AND on the patio (weather permitting) all summer every Tuesday at 7:30pm!

NEW SHOWS ADDED! Buffalo Wild Wings in Mentor will offer Trivia on Tuesdays at 8pm and Buffalo on Wednesdays at 7:30pm beginning June 19th! Check our schedule for a complete listing of locations and times!

LEAGUES NOW OPEN! Register your team for a chance to compete for $1000! Check out for details!

********** end of pasted hint info

and I warned about contests and other goofy stuff.  For this inaugural edition of the hints email:

I have two (2) very cheap glowsticks ready to give away to the first two people who send a correct* response to this 2 part question:
Who is your favorite Star Trek captain, and who played your favorite Doctor on Dr. Who?

*Correct as judged by me, Rob Core.