Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trivia Tuesday at the Lighthouse! - June 26 - Rob is Back

Hello Trivia-Keteers!

I just flew back from Arizona, and boy is my ******* tired from being probed by the TSA!

But, humorously folks, I am back from the Southwest, and had a wonderful time.

MANY THANKS go out to DJ Tim who really was able to help out by filling in for me, on rather short notice.  Tim said he had an excellent time.

Looks as if we had only two league teams in play last week, and it was a knuckle-biter.  CONGRATULATIONS go out to Team Gooders for edging out Team e=MC awesome by a point!

Remember to check our website for a hint:

(Remember - you are looking at the "Trivia" section of the hints - they are listed in NO particular order, and one of them is guaranteed to be an answer to a question tonight.  Actually, I suppose they could ALL be answers, but only one of them is guaranteed to be a CORRECT answer. . . )

Hope to see you all at 7:30 on the 26th!

your humble host,

Rev. Rob't Core

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