Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trivia Tuesday Explosion - Cancelled July 3.

No Trivia Tuesday Tonight at the Lighthouse.
I am feeling rotten, and I can't get a sub.
Please accept my apologies.

If you need your Trivia fix, there are 3 other shows that are a little far, but hosted by excellent folks:
 Tue 7:30 pm - Doogan's - Details - Map
 Tue 7:30pm - Beach Club Grill - Details - Map
 Tue 8:00 pm - Buffalo Wild Wings Details - Map

or you can look at the weekly schedule here: http://www.lastcallusa.com/schedule.php?ci=northeast%20ohio .

Regular schedule, with 120% of the snark, sarcasm, and horrible jokes to resume next week.
(with 100% less GI trouble - I hope.)


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