Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trivia, Contest Cheating, Batherings and More . . .

Hello Triviationists,

Excellent show last week! Thanks for competing, and hello to all the new folks! I hope you come back.

Team GBA took top honors last week with 80 points, followed closely by e=mc Awesome at 78 and the Canal Rats with 77.

Brand new team Smashmouth came in 4th, an impressive showing, especially considering their late arrival.

Please invite your friends, enemies, frenimies, friends-with-benefits, friends-you-hope-to-have-benefits-with to come out to the Lighthouse tonight at 7:30.

Remember, nothing can take you from the friend-zone to the friends-with-benefits zone quicker than good trivia, bad jokes, and lots of booze.

Before you get to the repeats about checking the hint and what’s happening at the Lighthouse, I’d like to update you on the mystery contest I ran last week.

I asked:

On this day in 1832, who was inaugurated as President of the United States, following the death of Zachary Taylor?

The correct answer was NO ONE. Zachary Taylor died in 1850. Millard Fillmore took over after him.

(partial credit to a member of Team Gooders and a member of Team GBA for getting Fillmore correct. . . )

Is there another, better hidden contest this week?


I send this newsletter out each week. Do you care?

I enjoy putting it together, but if you think it is annoying, or just don’t want to get it, please let me know – I’ll take you off my list.

If you do like it (or at least find it mildly amusing or informative) please pass it on to folks.

If more people know about Tuesday Trivia, then more may show up.

If more people show up, the Lighthouse will do better business.

If the Lighthouse does better business, the longer they keep me there as Trivia Host.

It’s the Trivia Night version of the circle of life.*

As always, you can find hints by going to the Last Call USA website and clicking on the “Hints & News” Link at the bottom of the page.

The hints are shown at the top under the heading “This Week's Hints 7/15 - 07/21” (C'est incroyable, non? Oui, bien sûr!)

In the “Trivia” section, there is a list of 7 items. Each is an answer to a quiz question from a Last Call USA bar this week.

(You DO know that we have Trivia EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK**, right? )

One of those items will be an answer for a question I will ask tonight.

This is a pathetically easy way to get at least one answer correct, so please check it every week.


77/76/277 is all still lousy with detours and afoul with construction.

Your regular route may be closed, or detoured.

Check out this PDF flyer from The Olde Harbor Inn (the fancy restaurant section next to the Lighthouse) for more information on how to re-route to get there on time.

You can become a fan of The Lighthouse and The Olde Harbor Inn on Facebook.

UPCOMING EVENTS at the Lighthouse:

Friday 7/20: Noizy Toyz

Saturday 7/21: Back in Rehab

Sunday 7/22: Connestoga (Part of the Corona Concert Series)

Their full schedule can be found here.


Rev. Rob’t Core, esq.

*Yes, it’s Hakuna Matata. Circle of Life is a crummy song.

**Like I mentioned last week, our NE Ohio page only has Trivia on Tuesdays through Fridays – but Last Call runs shows in Cincinnati, Indiana, NY, PA and more. Do you have another favorite bar that you’d like to see run our Trivia show? (Or Name That Tune, or our Buffalo show?) If you send me the following information:

· The name of the bar

· Their phone number

· Their web address

· The name of a contact there

· Your name

I will have someone from Last Call get in touch with them and see if they are a good match.

If the bar signs up, I’ll buy you a drink.

Simple, no?



Here is the equation

If (Referral) then (sales call)

If (sales call) then (bar signs up)

If (bar signs up) then (I buy you a drink)

Simple logic, honest!

(If someone can present this in actual formal symbolic logic in a way that is actually correct and makes sense, please respond and I will forward it out.)

*** There is no three star point.


Following last week’s debacle, I’ll keep it a little more straightforward.

On this day in 1976, the summer Olympic Games opened in Montreal.

What 14 year old gymnast scored seven perfect 10s and won three gold medals?

First two winners guaranteed cheesy prizes!

Kandahar, is

Really? You looked this far down? Again?

Seriously, go check Facebook or something.

Okay. Here.



You'll have to highlight the text, because it's white-on white.

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