Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mistah Kottah? Trivia Tonight.

Hi all!

Trivia is back in a big way at the Lighthouse tonight!

(Well, it didn't really go anywhere, so perhaps it is STILL at the Lighthouse in a big way. . . )

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Last week was interesting - improvised acoustics and all!
Keep your fingers crossed - I think the sound board should be repaired by now.  Unless all the bands that played last week went acoustic.

LAST CALL USA and HINTS - (Yes, cloned from an older email!)
Have you visited the  Last Call USA website and clicked on the “Hints & News” Link at the bottom of the page?
In the “Trivia” section, there is a list of 7 items.  Each is an answer to a quiz question from a Last Call USA bar this week.
(You DO know that we have Trivia EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEKright? )
One of those items will be an answer for a question I will ask tonight.
This is a pathetically easy way to ensure at least one answer correct each week – so please check it every week. 

This is another short one.

But, there is a quiz:
John Hodgman, who became famous as the PC in the Macintosh ads, went to Yale with a demented musician who has song featured in my playlist, almost every week.  For a random prize - be the first person to tell me in person at The Lighthouse between 7 and 7:30 tonight!



PS RIP Horshack

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