Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Triviators, we are here! - Tuesdays 8pm

We are slowly emerging from the Polar Vortex!

Celebrate the Triumphant return of Tuesday Trivia at On Tap at the Harbor - TONIGHT!

Weekly Quiz:
With all the talk about polar vortices in the news, can you name the only planet in our solar system that has experienced a Hot Polar Vortex?

- first person to tell me IN PERSON after 7:08 pm wins a prize!

It runs through Saturday, March 22nd, so there is PLENTY of time to get your games in. Remember, you need at least 6 scores to qualify.
More details here.

Enroll your teams here.
(You need to re-enroll every league season.)

Feud is Last Call's version of the popular game show of a similar name.
The format is similar to our standard Last Call Trivia game, but here's the KEY difference:
You need to figure out the MOST POPULAR answers, not a single correct answer.
     No more questions that are too obscure, or oddly phrased.
     No more worrying about cheating.
     No more super-competitive recruiting teams all hopped up on brain roids.
Here's how it works:
   1 - Listen to question.
   2 - Write your answer and team name on answer 
        sheet and bring up to the host.
   3 - Have doubleplusgoodmuchfun.

VERBOSE Version:
Each Feud show has four rounds of questions with five questions per round.
There are also some bonus questions, a halftime question, and a final question.
The final question is the only spot where you could lose points.
Your host will read each question twice (aloud, even!).
After that, you get the duration of one song to write down what you think is the top surveyed answer for that question and turn it into the host.
Unlike Trivia, you don't bet points in Feud.
Guess the #1 surveyed answer? Your team gets 5 points.
Guess the #2 surveyed answer? Your team gets 3 points.
Guess the #3 surveyed answer? Your team gets 1 points.
You can also go ALL IN on any (or all) question.
Take a chance and guess the TOP 3 Surveyed answer and get ALL 9 POINTS (5+3+1)!
(You don't need the exact order, just the right top 3.)
The danger is, if you don't have all 3 100% right, you get zero points.
Only one answer can be turned in from each team and, once it is turned in, it may not be changed.
Tax and title not included
Do not taunt HAPPY FUN BALL.

For a taste of the game, and to BE part of the "100 People Surveyed" check out our site where you can ANSWER the questions, and help build up our data: playlastcallfeud.com.

Info on our Hosts:
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* Their upcoming live music events
* Info on great parties, events and contests

On Tap at the Harbor has an EXCELLENT beer selection. 

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