Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Show - Wednesdays 7pm - Musketeers in Richfield

Hey All!

We have a new game in the Greater Akron Area.  
(Who knew that "Greater Akron" was actually a thing?)

It started last week - I mentioned it to the folks who came out to On Tap at the Harbor last week.  I meant to add it to the email last week, but welcome to my brain.

It's on Wednesdays, 7pm at:
Musketeers  Bar and Grill in Richfield.
They are at:
3027 Brecksville Rd.Richfield, OH 44286
(That link takes you to the Google Maps for them.)

If you've never been there, you can get a feel for the place in this article from Mimi Vanderhaven

The TL/DR version is :
Great food, fantastic beer selection, great staff, and a fun atmosphere.

If that's not enough for you, they also have Last Call Trivia - every Wednesday.

The host is great, and ready to build a new venue for you to enjoy.
(No, it's not me.  Getting out one night a week is as much of a challenge as I can handle.)

It's going to be a good time - check it out!

- Rob

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