Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekly Trivia Show and Wallenda Update

Hi All,

I've been tweeting daily Akron-specific trivia questions @AkTrivia.
You should check it out - there's no prizes for these (yet) but it's a little added bit of fun to your day. (Or at least I hope it is. . . )

Today's no-booze question is from the twitter feed:

James Renner's novel The Man From Primrose Lane has a scene that takes place in what Akron bar with "(a)bout one hundred framed photos of customers wearing clown noses?"
(No, it's not Frank's Place on Market. . . )

Answer IN PERSON at Frank's after 7:55 for your shot at a prize.

I wrote a piece earlier this week on the Flying Wallenda tightrope walking family.  The story they tell is that they earned their name after narrowly escaping death after an accident while performing in Akron in the 1930s.

I did a bit of research, and couldn't find a definitive proof on this, so I pulled out the big guns.

I asked a librarian.

Judy in the Akron-Summit County Public Library's Special Collections department sent me this delightful email:

Hi Rob,
Attached is the only article I found about the event.  I also looked at the Akron Times Press because it was a little more “sensational”, but I’m afraid I did not see an account of the accident.  I hope this is somewhat useful.
Thank you,
Here's the article:

Sure, it doesn't include the key phrase, but it does include:

  • The knocking out of a horseriding woman
  • Several daredevils falling from a high wire
  • A narrow escape from death
  • A trapeze artist missing a catch, and another fall
  • Another narrow escape from death
  • A mysterious fire 
God, I love librarians.
Thank you, Judy!

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