Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PUNCH A BLIMP! Max Fun Meetup 7pm and Free Live Trivia 8pm!

This is a repeat from last year.  I have updated it for the meetup tonight

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I listen to a lot of podcasts.
Most of them are on the MaximumFun network.

I have three drafts of a heartfelt plea, explaining my favorite shows, why I listen, and why they make me smile.

I'm canning that.

Instead, at the end, I'm going to post links to some of their shows I enjoy, and links to some great interviews and info with the folks there.

I hope you check them out!

If you DO check out these shows, please know that they are almost entirely listener supported.
This is the second and last week of their annual fundraiser.
(They only ask once per year.)
If you get any enjoyment from these shows, please consider donating.

If you haven't heard any of these, then you are in luck.  Talk to me and I'll recommend several.

MaximumFun is again running a national MaxFun Meetup.  Two years ago, the closest one was in Cleveland, and I couldn't get there, because of the weekly trivia show.

I figured it might be my only chance to get to one would be if I hosted.  Last year, I volunteered to host in Akron. Turnout was sparse, but I have been talking up the shows with my trivia regulars.  I know some of them now listen to JJGO, The Adventure Zone and MBMBAM, and probably more.

It's tonight, at Franks at 7pm - just before trivia.  

I figure it will give the MaxFun fans a chance to meet, and provide an organized activity.  This gives everyone something to do after the first few rounds of "Hi! I like Bunker Buddies and Baby Geniuses - which do you listen to?", and I hope it will be a way for the MaxFun folks a chance to meet all the amazing regular Triviators.  I know there will be a of overlap in interests and general awesomeness.

* * *

If you show for the MaxFun meetup, you will get one of these limited-edition Rubber City Rocket Scouts membership cards!

* * *

Tonight's Preshow Q:
What stupid pair of euphonious names, created by Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris (of Jordan, Jesse, GO! fame) have been name checked in several other media, including an appearance in the X-Babies comic?

Answer IN PERSON for a chance to win a dumb prize.

Remember, this is the NO-BOOZE WINNING non-quiz.
Check Frank's Facebook page for the shotworthy question!

Excelsior et Irrumabo Carcinodes!
Ad Astra!-tpn!

Jordan, Jesse, GO!
from an interview on Splitsider:
"With Jordan, Jesse GO!, I think first times listeners are sometimes confused by the tone of the show. They don’t understand how it could be simultaneously so sort of pleasant and also jokey and vulgar. They sort of see the world as a sort of binary between Jay Leno and Bill Maher, right? Those might not be perfect examples, but either there’s scathing truth-to-power or there’s genial grandpa humor. And so the idea that we have values but are also profane and vulgar is confusing a little bit to people, and sometimes people think it’s a trick. . . Like an act. Like a hipster ironic arch camp thing. So that confuses people, because people are used to just someone having a list of 10 stupid and crazy news stories and then making fun of them. Or making fun of Jay Leno or whatever. I know I just made fun of Jay Leno, but… And so our tone, it makes a really big impact on people when they get it. There are few people whose fans are as deeply committed as ours, and that’s the essential bedrock of our whole operations."
Another Splitsider article, from 2010
The Timbre

The Adventure Zone
Hilarious D&D Podcast!  With Family!
Article from WOTC.
Article from Pitchfork
Review on Geekdad.

International Waters
"Transatlantic Panel Quiz Show to Determine The Best Nation In The World This Week"
Blurb in The Guardian.
Blurb in The Telegraph.

One Bad Mother 
A comedy podcast about parenting - "Because this shit is hard, and no one gives a ****"
Mutha Magazine.
Burlington Vermont roundup.

My Brother, My Brother and Me
"An advice show for the Modren Era."
Daily Review
Their inspiration?

Judge John Hodgman
"The REAL People's Court!"
Rolling Stone
The AV Club

 Wham Bam Pow!
Reviews of Sci-Fi, Action, Horror & Shoot-em-ups.  You know - Dick Flicks!
Featuring Akron's own Rhea Butcher, her wife Cameron Esposito, and Ricky Carmona
Hugh O'Donnell

Bullseye, with Jesse Thorn
"A Show About Things That Are Awesome"

Throwing Shade
"Taking Lady and Gay issues and treating them with less respect than they deserve."
Rolling Stone
Bitch Media

Pop Rocket
4 Genuises talk about "The Pop Culture we all love to love"
The AV Club

Jesse again:
"Independent media is not a get-rich quick scheme. It’s really only worth doing if it’s something that you really believe in and that you would do for free. And then after that, I think you can and should try and figure out ways to make money. I am not against making money. But you know, I’m just not crazy about people who go into things to make money. I think that’s just fucked up values. I mean, I understand why some people do it, but I would rather make something that I really believe in and work as a secretary, which is what I did for a long time, than just make videos of cats smoking cigars. Actually now that I mention it, I would like to make a video of a cat smoking a cigar, but whatever the moral equivalent of that is."

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