Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"You may have heard of me." - Trivia 8pm Tonight

Hey all,

It's Pat Rothfuss's birthday today.

He's one of my favorite fantasy authors writing today, behind The Name of the Windand NYT #1 bestseller The Wise Man's Fear. In addition to that, he's a genuinely nice guy.

“The truth is that the world is full of dragons, and none of us are as powerful or cool as we’d like to be. And that sucks. But when you’re confronted with that fact, you can either crawl into a hole and quit, or you can get out there, take off your shoes, and Bilbo it up.” 

In 2008, after being amazed at his sales, he realized he wanted to use his newfound fame to make a difference. He organized a fundraiser for Heifer International that was so successful, he almost accidentally started a non-profit organization Worldbuilders that runs this and other fund drives throughout the year.  They have raised over 4 million dollars.

This week they have another fundraiser - Geeks Doing Good. You can see details at that link or support them at their Indiegogo page.

You should check them out.
Pat Rothfuss got the attention of fantasy readers when he was a winner in the 2002 Writers of the Future contest. What SF author and cult leader created the contest in the 1980s?

Answer IN PERSON after 7:50 for a lame prize.

Remember, this is the NO-BOOZE WINNING quiz.
Check Frank's Facebook page for the shotworthy question!

Excelsior et Irrumabo Carcinodes!


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“I always read. You know how sharks have to keep swimming or they die? I’m like that. If I stop reading, I die.” 

- Pat Rothfuss

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