Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Showglobe of Trivia Tonight @ 8pm

You may have never seen 1980s medical drama St. Elsewhere (1982-1988) when it was originally run on NBC, but even if you haven't, you may be familiar with the ending.

If you are allergic to YouTube links,it turns out that the entire show was simply a figment of the imagination of Tommy Westphall, a severelt autistic child who was a semi-regular character on the show.

During the show's run, characters from there visited Boston wateringhole Cheers. Years later, Tom Fontana re-used some characters on Homicide: Life on the Streets.  Characters and references multiplied for years, until over 400 separate shows are linked in a fractured and tenuous web making them all part of Tommy's snowglobe of fantasy.

Several DC universe superhero shows were included in the "Westphall Hypothesis" including three of the following shows:

The Adventures of Superman (1952–1958)
Batman (1966-1968)
Lois and Clark (1993-1997)
Supergirl (2015–present)

Which one of these shows has not been shown to have been part of Tommy's fantasy?


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