Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Long Trivial Nightmare is Over. . . for now

Hi Everybody,

So, hey, have any of you taken a look at the website of The Olde Harbor Inn?

Go ahead.

Awww, hell, who am I kidding, most of you won’t click through.

Here is the relevant section, which I am going to reprint in its entirety:

>The Olde Harbor Inn Is Closed For Business.
>After Five Years Of Great Food, Great Entertainment and Great Dockside Dining, We Regretfully Announce Our Closing.
>This decision does not come lightly.
>We have poured our hearts and souls into making this location of one the best spots for seafood and entertainment in Summit County.
>Unfortunately, the tough economic times we are all experiencing have finally caught up with us, and we are no longer able to remain open for business.
>We will truly miss the wonderful patrons and staff who have become our friends and family over the years.
>Our Web site will remain temporarily visible in its most recent state as a monument to the past five-and-a-half years.
>You may reach us by email if needed.
>Thank you,
>The Olde Harbor Inn

Wait, what?!

I know that this news will either
a.) take you on a guided tour through the seedier districts of K├╝bler-Rossylvania, or
b.) leave you sighing relief that you won’t have to put up with my asinine emails every week.

But for BOTH groups, I would like to say:

Just because Tuesday Trivia at the Lighthouse is finished, that does not mean that our little journey is at an end.

The big question you may be asking yourself is:

Less than you might worry.

If you are playing in a league, you can still play in any of our other locations.  There is Trivia Tuesday-Thursday.
If you don’t want to leave the Greater Akron Population District, you are currently out of luck.
But you can help find the next venue!
There have GOT to be other bars that you think would be a good fit for Trivia.
Send me the name, number, email, and contact name of a human, and I will have one of the amazing folks at Last Call USA speak with them and try to get things going.
If you are the first person to refer a place to me, and they sign up, you’ll drink free for the first trivia night.

Until then,

Thank you!

Rob Core

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