Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trivial Akron - Rob Core - LAST CALL FOR BARS!

Hi all,

No, no news on a new gig in Akron.
As a matter of fact, that’s the reason for the email.
(Hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears. . . )

It’s been exactly a year since the last gig at the Lighthouse.

Greater Akron has been without a steady Last Call USA trivia gig during that time.
From the occasional emails from you all, it seems as if you are not happy about it.

Help me help you!

We need a new bar!

If you know of a cool place, that might like to host a weekly trivia night, let me know.

If it works out, your first night’s tab is ON ME!

Send me an email.
1.)     The NAME of the bar.
2.)     The NAME of someone who works at that bar (Ideally someone who could say YES to Trivia, but any contact is better than none)
3.)     A PHONE NUMBER or EMAIL ADDRESS of the person who works at the bar.

ALSO - You also have to let that person know that you sent their name to a guy on the internet.
Please tell them to expect a call from Last Call – I don’t make the sales calls, that is handled by the Northeast Ohio Manager.
Who is he who can summon flame, without flint or tinder? There are those who call him. . . . . . . TIM !
(He’s a great guy who can actually explain to the bars about the benefits of hosting a Last Call show.  It is fairly complicated and highly technical, but it involves bringing large crowds who like to eat and drink into bars on what would otherwise be very slow nights.  Hmmmmmm. . . maybe it’s not exactly rocket surgery.  )

Some of you have sent me good leads before, but they haven’t panned out.
Trust me, we are ready to work our bums off to get a good gig.

Please respond.


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