Thursday, September 26, 2013

THE GAME'S AFOOT - NEW SHOW - Tuesday, October 1 - On Tap at the Harbor!

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

Your prayers have been answered!

(Assuming, of course, that your prayers are ones that run along the lines of, "Boy, I sure hope Rob Core starts a new Bar Trivia gig in the Greater Akron Area!  Please God, help him!" and not the sort that start "Oh dear God, please let that test come back negative!  I promise I will actually use a dental dam next time.")

With your humble host, ROB CORE!

And  (drumroll please. . . )

If that seems to ring a bell, that is because it is the place that took over the corpse of  premises left vacant by our former host - The Lighthouse at the Old Harbor Inn!

SO. . . 

We start next week.
Tuesday, October 1.
8 pm.

Be there, or be somewhere else.

But I would certainly prefer for you to be there.

(Really, I miss you all!)

- rob

more info as we get closer to the date!

Did I tell you, I published a book for the Kindle?  It is a collection of horrible jokes.  It's only a buck, so check it out.

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