Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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74 A N J (7709)
69 Team Newcomers (7710)
68 Plastic The Lathering (7629)
61 Canoe Paddlers (7630)
60 e equals MC AWESOME (7638)
42 The Birthday Suits
26 Monkey Butt Brewing Company
9 Wing Nuts (The large group that didn't stay to hang out.)

I would love to add a ton of jokes and links, but it's been a really carppy week, so excuse the brevity.

See you tonight, at 8 pm.
Remember, we are upstairs.

Info on our Hosts:
Have you "liked" On Tap at the Harbor on Facebook?
If you haven't here's what you are missing:
* A weekly bonus question from me, good for a free shot
* Their upcoming live music events
* Info on great parties, events and contests

On Tap at the Harbor has one of the best beer selections in town, and certainly the best at the Portage Lakes.  (Take it from a budding beer snob!)

They also have SEVERAL other locations. (I know several of you drive pretty far to come to this show, so there may be one closer to you for non-quiz nights - I'll double check with bar management to see if the certificates are good at their other spots.) 

Most of their other locations also have live music, and the same great menu and daily specials:

There's a great special on 22oz beers, Sunday - Thursday, 6 to close:
$3.99 for 22 oz of draught Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Light.

They have $6.99 dinner specials Monday - Thursday, 3 to close:
I'm not going to copy them all here, but Tuesday's is on all 1/2 lb. burgers (excluding the Portobello Burger).  You can check their site for more details.

You can sign up for their mailing list here

This weeks quiz:

Today is 11/12/13, the second to last sequential date this century.
Here are a bunch of questions that have nothing to do with those three numbers.  One of these questions has EVEN LESS to do with them than the other 14.  
Which question is the odd one out?  
What should I have asked to make it fit in with the theme?

First person to tell me, IN PERSON, will win a prize.

1    What number is the sum of the first three squares, making it a square pyramidal number?
2    What is the traditional number of lines in each of these types of sonnet:
           Urdu Sonnet           Petrarchan Sonnet           Pushkin sonnet
3    What number forms the base used in tetra-decimal positional notation?
4    MLB's Red Sox, Cubs, Indians, Twins, Phillies, and Cardinals have retired this jersey number, but the Cincinnati's Reds cannot. What number is it?
5    How many days are in a fortnight?
6    One of Beethoven's most famous piano pieces is the Moonlight Sonata.  What number is it also known by?
7    One French king ruled for over 72 years.  What # Louis was he?
8    There have been at least 20 Popes named "John".  Which numerical John died in 984?
9    In order of entrance to the Union, what number state is Kentucky?
10    Which Wrestlemania featured these victories:
           Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Shawn Michaels
           The Undertaker defeated Kane
11    Which Superbowl featured this AWESOME half-time show: Up with People presents "A Salute to the Big Band Era" ?
12    Which amendment to the US constitution ensured that "all persons born" in the United States are citizens of it?
13    In traditional English weights and measures, how many pounds are in a stone?
14    Once the Scarlet Knights and Terrapins join, how many full members will the Big Ten have?
15    What is seven times two (7x2)?

blah blah blah Ginger blah 
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