Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Same Location, Different Elevation.

Same Location, Different Elevation.
So effective, we've been kicked upstairs!


We are movin' on up!

Uhhhh, Rob, that's great, I love the Jefferson's and all, but what are you talking about?

Oh, was that confusing?


On Tap at the Harbor is still hosting our Tuesday  Quiz, but we are no longer confined to the basement.  (Although, I have to say, it's a nice basement!)

Starting tonight, and for the foreseeable future we'll be upstairs.
Same address, same fantastic beer selection, same occasionally funny host, same great quiz, MUCH BETTER VIEW.

You know with the time change, it's pretty dark by 8 pm, right?

Be quiet, voice that only exists in my head!


So here are last weeks league scores:

90 Bazinga (7449)
83 Plastic The Lathering (7629)
76 Canoe Paddlers (7630)
74 Team Newcomers (7710)
70 A N J (7709)
70 Shiny (7675)
57 e equals MC AWESOME (7638)

Remember, those numbers in (parentheses) are your official league ID numbers.  You can always get the most up-to-date league info HERE.

Team Bazinga took home top honors.  It was their first time at the On Tap location, and I hope they come back again for more.

If you are on one of the teams that did not receive your prizes last Tuesday, you'll be able to pick them up tonight.  You can ask at the bar, or find me if you are there before showtime.

Have you "liked" On Tap at the Harbor on Facebook?
If you haven't here's what you are missing:
* A weekly bonus question from me, good for a free shot
* Their upcoming live music events
* Info on great parties, events and contests

On Tap at the Harbor has one of the best beer selections in town, and certainly the best at the Portage Lakes.  (Take it from a budding beer snob!)

They also have SEVERAL other locations. (I know several of you drive pretty far to come to this show, so there may be one closer to you for non-quiz nights - I'll double check with bar management to see if the certificates are good at their other spots.) 

Most of their other locations also have live music, and the same great menu and daily specials:

There's a great special on 22oz beers, Sunday - Thursday, 6 to close:
$3.99 for 22 oz of draught Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Light.

They have $6.99 dinner specials Monday - Thursday, 3 to close:
I'm not going to copy them all here, but Tuesday's is on all 1/2 lb. burgers (excluding the Portobello Burger).  You can check their site for more details.

You can sign up for their mailing list here


Well, I hope so.  I kept reading this far.

Answer these 6 questions.
Take the first letter of the first word of each answer.
Rearrange the letters, and you will find the identity of someone who is celebrating a birthday today.
Tell me tonight, IN PERSON, any time after 7:30 pm for a prize.

1. Playing the Dr. Temperance Brennan on Bones for 9 years (!), who is the less-famous Deschanel sister?  (Hey, you can argue, but BONES never got on an iPhone ad!)

2. On DC Comic's Earth-C, Alley-Kat-Abra is a superheroic magician, a member

Really? alt-text?  What is this, XKCD?
of the Zoo Crew, and in her secret identity, she is a martial arts instructor (teaching Kat-Fu) in the city of Mew Orleans.  What is her secret identity?


3. Born in Somalia in 1955, she played a shapeshifting alien in Star Trek VI (better in the original Klingon) and married a space oddity in 1992.  Who is she?

4. Mom to Pebbles and wife to Fred, what cartoon lady was voiced by Jean Vander Pyl, who also did the voice of Robo-American maid Rosie on the Jetsons?

5. You know nothing, Rob Core!  What wildling from Game of Thrones (ASOIAF, for you readin' types), kissed by fire is played on the HBO show by Rose Leslie (who is actually the daughter of a Scots Chieftan!).

6. After Ivana discovered their affair in 1991, who became Donald Trump's (Bloviating Ignoramus)  second wife in 1993, and his second EX-wife in 1999?

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I published a book!


Seriously, I checked our team stats versus all of the other Last Call USA game sites.  Our teams are averaging about 2.43 people.  Other sites have 5.  (Actually, 4.9, but what's 10% of a person between friends?)  What does this mean for you, you may ask?

Actually, what does this mean for me?

So glad you asked.  
This means your team has, on average, less than HALF the BRAIN POWER available to you.  With half the cognitive ability, you will not answer as many questions and you could.  You might lose the game, miss the league championship, and not know the three people who have never been in my kitchen.  


It's turtles all the way down.

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