Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tell me. Is he SASSY? - Tuesday Trivia Tonight - On Tap at the Harbor

Another week of mindwanderings.

(Well, Sunday night. . . . )
START: Sunday, April 27th
END: Saturday, July 19th

Saturday, August 9th in Northeast Ohio

Times and Venue TBD

FINALS Prizes have been increased.
Teams now have a change to win $ 2,500.00!

The Last Call Tournament of Champions is coming! (Some other name coming soon - about 100 other organizations have that name, and Jeopardy! has it pretty well locked down for trivia.) It's an annual invitation-only National Trivia Tournament in Cincinnati , home of Last Call.  Cash prizes will be LARGER.  Coming this Spring.

  • Tonight's Q:
Jane Pratt was the founding editor of now-legendary teen magazine Sassy in the late 1980s.  What were her nicknames for the three main writers?
Answers in the can by 7:40.  I'll draw one winner then.

Info on our Hosts:
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