Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The First Woman Who Did What? Tuesday Trivia 8pm On Tap at The Harbor

This week, while looking up something or other, I came across several articles on Amelia Earhart, many focusing on exactly where her plane landed/crashed, and possibly finding her remains, possibly moved by crabs, and clues provided by her anti-freckle medication!

(It only seems as if the search for Flight 370 has been going on as long.)

One of the comments in one of these articles made me think of Earhart, Lindbergh and other famous firsts - not just aviation, but in exploration, achievement, technology and more.  We remember Amelia Earhart, not only because of her remarkable achievements, but also because of the mystery and romance of her disappearance. Lindbergh was the most famous person on the planet after his flight, but I am sure his son's kidnapping, his ummmm, interesting thoughts on race and entering WWII may have added some extra reasons to remember him.

So, in 1937 Amelia Earhart failed in her attempt to fly around the world.
Twenty-seven years later, a woman from Ohio actually achieved this.
We seem to have forgotten about her.

Who is she?

(Also, that's the question of the week, if you didn't catch that.  Tell me in person, after 7:40 for a prize.)

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