Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time is an illusion. Trivia time doubly so. Tuesday at On Tap @ The Harbor - 5/20 - 8pm

Time is an illusion. Trivia time doubly so.

So, because of a (lovely and thoughtful) gift from the folks on Team Plastic,the Lathering, I have been playing a certain collectible card game with my kids.  In addition to causing me to have flashbacks of: sleepless weeks in college, spending more money on cards than beer, and some of the most fun/insane conversations I have ever been in, it got me to thinking about MAGIC!

Or, to put it in a Doug-Henning-esque manner "Illusion!"

There's a decent question posted to the Facebook page for shots, but I needed something great for you today.

Instead you get a card trick.

Here's your magic-based-callback-to-last-weeks-quiz-and-my-followup-question:

What is the Latin name of the religious "how-to" book, written in Germany in 1486, as a way to find and "destroyeth Witches and their heresy as with a two-edged sword?"

Answers after 7:50 tonight.  Correct answers in a drawing from a prize on nominal value.

Bonus if you can tell me why/how it's a callback to last week.

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