Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Going to Hardee's in a Handbasket

Going to Hardee's in a Handbasket

So, we have a candidate for the Westernmost Hardee's in the US:

It's at:
320 Euclid Ave 

Helena, MT 59601-2852  

You can see the Google Streetview here.

FWIW, Carl's Jr. does not seem to have crossed the mighty Mississip.
Carl's Jr. has 4 locations in Vietnam, while Hardee's has 9 locations in Kazakhstan. Niiiiiiice.

Auditory Ossicles

(also the name of my Metal Machine Music-era Lou Reed cover band)

After being so politely schooled by Dottoressa A. (of new team KBA) regarding proper scientific Latinate nomenclature for the earbones, I got into a bit of a linkstorm, and discovered that you can develop ARTHRITIS OF THE EARBONES!  As if my web-nurtured hypochondria needed any more help!
Thanks, Dottoressa A!

As always, more information on auditory ossicles can be found on the internet.

(And, yes, I did read the article and see it's not actually arthritis at all, but a misleading headline in a link that went to a Turkish/EU medical site led me to think it was for a moment.)

That's all for now.


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