Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Ph'nglui b’rmaci’ m'pashnt Triviator A’krohnh d’rnkn bhe’er fhtagn"

In the Barmacy in Akron, impatient Triviator waits drinking. . . .
Cultist tested, Cthulu approved!

Greetings, Triviators!

I bring word of a power from beyond the stars. . . 

of an entity that will cause all who gaze upon its incomprehensible non-euclidean geometry to lose their tenuous grasp on reality . . .

to pull back the curtains hiding despair. . . 

to question the fundamental underpinnings of the universe. . . 

to come out to Barmacy tonight for some great drinks and live trivia!

Tonight's prestige (no-booze) quiz:

What pre-Cthulhuian monster's name is said to bring destruction, and is often referred to by circuitous work-arounds, such as "The Unspeakable One," or "Him Who Is Not to be Named"?

(PS - NOT Voldemort!)

Click to embiggen.
Correct answers in person after 7:45 tonight!

Remember, this is the NO-BOOZE WINNING quiz.

For a chance to win drinks, check out the quiz on Barmacy's facebook page.

(Coming in a few minutes.)

(Also - You know you can haz hints for the Last Call quiz each week by clicking here, right?) 


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