Monday, February 2, 2015

The Pursuit of Hoppyness

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old timey bar

Dives, taverns, brew pubs, juke joints, pubs or saloons.


As a fan of Last Call, you probably have been in a bar or two.  
If you didn’t know, at Last Call, we are unabashed and enthusiastic fans of bars. 

More than cotton, they are the fabric of our lives – both business and personal.

Gathering around to share fermented beverages is as old as (or probably older than) civilization itself.  The oldest known recipe (from about 12,000 years ago) is for beer.  It couldn’t have been too long before that first forgotten neolithic genius called a bunch of friends over with some variant of “Hey! You gotta check this out!”

In our version, the second time beer was brewed, they invited a bright-eyed, humorous Babylonian to keep them entertained by asking questions about Enkidu and the Epic of Gilgamesh to the assembled tribe members.  This is the origin of bar trivia.  Back then, the company was known as First Call.

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Over the years, humanity refined things further, finding new formulas to brew and distill alcohol, but that one constant, that chance to share friendship and together, remains.  And bar trivia!

We’ll be returning to this periodically, looking into bars and their importance to history.  Until then, here’s a quick quiz.

Match the fictional bar to the TV show or movie in which it appeared:

1. The Slaughtered Lamb
2. MacLaren’s
3. Paddy’s Pub
4. Regal Beagle
5. Mos Eisley Cantina
6. Gary’s Old Towne Tavern
7. The Winchester

A. Three’s Company
B. Cheers
C. Shaun of The Dead
D. How I Met Your Mother
E. An American Werewolf in London
F. Star Wars (Ep. IV – A New Hope)
G. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Send answers to
*There aren’t prizes, but we’ll recognize the first winners in a future edition.

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