Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thinking - Trivia Tonight - 8 @ The Barmacy!

Sam Simon died this week.

If you are a fan of comedy, or simply of the Simpsons you may know why he was important.  If not, the links above will give you a better insight than I will into who he was, and the impact he made.

He'd been publicly sick for a while, and made huge charitable bequests in his will.

He was also know for his art collection.  One thing that jumped out at me while reading this article (from a 60 minutes interview in 2007) is that he owns a cast of The Thinker.

You know The Thinker.  You've seen it hundreds of times.  Parodied thousands of times.

Did you know that there is no single Thinker? Rodin cast dozens of them.

They are all over the world.

We have one less than 50 miles from here.

(If you are in Greater Akron, that is.)

And because we can't have nice things, some assholes tried to destroy it in the 1970s.

This weeks quiz:

Where is Ohio's Thinker?
Who tried to bust it up? (Or, at least according to the best guess of the police.)

Correct answers in person after 7:45 tonight!

Remember, this is the NO-BOOZE WINNING quiz.

For a chance to win drinks, check out the quiz on Barmacy's facebook page.

(Coming in a few minutes.)

(Also - You know you can haz hints for the Last Call quiz each week by clicking here, right?) 


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