Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Here's the story of a bar named Baxter's . . .

Mike Brady died 23 years ago today.

Robert Reed was the man who played him for 5 years, and by all accounts he thought the show was terrible.  He even wrote long memos to the producers that tried to explain exactly how horrible the show was.

He was ignored, but wound up annoying the producers so much that he was written out of the final episode.

Despite all that, he was reportedly a gem to his fellow actors, and came back to almost every Brady sequel.  He broke his contract in a New York play to act in The Brady Girls Get Married saying "No one is going to marry off my two oldest daughters but me."

This week's prestige quiz is about an alternate universe Brady Bunch:

Robert Reed, TV's Mike Brady died on this date in 1992.  If you ever watched the show, it's almost impossible to imagine anyone else in the role, but Reed was producer Sherwood Schwartz's second choice for the role. 
Who did Schwartz originally want to play Mr. Brady?

Prizes for all entries!
Slightly better prize for the randomly picked winner from correct entries.
All entries in by 7:55pm.


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