Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Seis de Mayo - Wrapup and Recap

Holy Carp Triviators!  What a great battle last night!

The top three winners all finished above 75 points, and ALL THREE are new teams!

Here they are:

Los Baguettes - 83 points
The Squirrels - 81 points
BitchBabies - 79 points

Rounding out the rest of the top Rounding out the top 9 are:

Team Newcomers
Me and My Mosh Her
El Caminhoes
Max Rebo Band 

Don't let BritPat's position at the bottom fool you - They are a force with which to be reckoned! They enjoyed their night, and only answered about a third of the questions.  The ones they answered were either correct, hilarious, or both.

I have enrolled most of these teams in the LEAGUE, but Los Baguettes and the BitchBabies managed to ignore my pleas to sign up.  Please give me your email addresses next week!

Until then - EXCELSIOR!

Sad Strays

BritPat: *drops mic*       Max Rebo: "There Wolf!"

Yes, Baguettes answered "poop art"

Key Stone

Max Rebo's Totally Adorable Punk Rock Couple!

See? His n' Hers Frankenstinian Pins!

Baxter's Bar at 205 S. Main St, Akron OH 44308
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