Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Charity Begins at Frank's! (Also Trivia)

This post is a little different.

I usually have a random link or two, some goofy images and some attempts at humor.
I’m giving that a bit of a miss today.

I’ve been hosting Trivia nights since May 2012
I have a great time.
I look forward to it every week – it’s a time to connect with friends, make new ones, perform a little and have a drink or two.

By coming out each week, or even replying to my emails, or liking a FB post you’ve given me a great gift.
I’d like to pay that forward, and I’ll need your help.

Frank’s supports a bunch of local charities, and one of their big efforts is their auction in December for Project Saint Nicholas Returns.

You can follow the link to see much more of what they do, but the gist of it is similar to many other Christmas themed charity efforts – provide gifts and support to families in need in the Christmas season. What really jumps out about them is from their “About Us” page.

Yes – their stated goal is to distribute at least 95% percent of what they take in.
Give them a dollar, and at least $ 0.95 should get to people in need.

In 2014 they raised $ 60,699.00 and gave away $ 58,912.00.
That's just over 97% of what they raised – and it’s raised and given locally.

That’s incredibly efficient for a charity – some ratings sites consider anything over 75% as “Good.”

You can see their most recent 990 here (link to a PDF).

I’d like to support that effort, and I’d love if you could help!

One of PSNR’s biggest annual fundraisers is an auction held each year at Frank’s.
This year it’s on Friday, December 4, at 9pm.

I’d love to put together a basket from the Akron Triviators.

I don’t have a good theme in mind, but booze, pop culture, games and knowledge seem to work, so if you bring in anything to contribute to the basket for the next three weeks, you’ll get a prize from me, and be entered into a bigger drawing I am doing.  

(Not sure of the exact prize yet, but it’s possible Piehole! may be involved.)

SO. . . . 

Bring something to give away tonight, or in the next two weeks, do good, and get a prize.

And because I love Christmas themed comics.

This has been prematurely Christmas-heavy, so let's get a turkey question:
What US president was the first to "pardon" his Thanksgiving turkey?

Answer, IN PERSON, after 7:50.

Remember, this is the NO-BOOZE WINNING quiz.

Check Frank's Facebook page for the shotworthy question!


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