Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Giving Frank's - Trivia Tonight

Hey All,

It, along with many other items will be in Frank's annual Christmas Auction, which is:

Friday, December 4, at 9pm
(At Frank's Place on Market - duh!)

So far, our basket has:
1 bottle of Stirring's Ginger Liqueur
1 copy Grand Theft Auto IV for X-box 360
1 copy of <another game> for X-Box 360
10 boxes of Crayola Markers
(Shut YOUR piehole with Piehole! brand pecan-pie flavoured Canadian Whiskey, the whiskey to have when your hole is empty!)

We need your help - get those donations in tonight or next Tuesday and get entered into a special drawing.
(It might be for a bottle of Piehole!)

That's the quiz tonight - all donations get a prize!

Check Frank's Facebook page for the shotworthy question!



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