Tuesday, November 8, 2016

VOTE! Then come drink the election blues away with Trivia! - Also - 9 by Nine!


You voted, right?
Please tell me you voted.

No, seriously.  Just go out and vote.

I am not going to post all the links about the importance of voting, or how to find your polling spot - the rest of the internet is doing that today.

After tonight, it's just beginning. . .

Tonight's Q: What was the last time a third party candidate won any votes in the electoral college?  What party was it, and who was the candidate?

ANSWER in person, after 7:50, for a shot at some sort of prize.

Looking to take your mind *off* of this political season?  All caught up on TWD and sick of waiting for GOT to start back up?  Want to experience something created right here, by a bunch of talented, mad geniuses?

You should come down to Theatre 8:15 this weekend (or next) and check out their new production, 9 by Nine. If you are a regular on Tuesday nights, you probably recognize Alex Nine as a member of Team Shiny. In addition to his extensive knowledge of 1970s Marvel comics and being the one person on the team who might know the sports question, he's also been active in local theatre for almost 30 years - acting, directing and writing.  

Theatre 8:15 has put together a show of 9 of his short plays - three of which were written for this production. Greg Bealer and Kendra Schaffer (two more members of Team Shiny) are directing these. Anna-Janine Kemper Herman (Team Shiny), Michael James, Christine Wright, and six more local superstars round out the cast of nine. 

The title of the nine shorts make up a sort of a found word poem:

  • My Hero
  • Old, Fat, & Unemployed
  • The One Who Got Away
  • The Fulton
  • The Spider’s Nest
  • The Nature of Evil
  • …And Some by Virtue Fall
  • Greatness Thrust Upon Him
  • The End?

FULL DISCLOSURE - I haven't seen this show yet, but I know at least 1/3 of the people involved.
ALL of them are amazing.  Go see it, I know you'll have a great time.

(Not only am I not getting paid for this promo, but Alex and the folks I know who are in this, have no idea this post going out. This ONLY exists because I think you should see local live theatre, especially done by these people!)

Theatre 8:15 is at:
4740 Massillon Rd
Green, Ohio 44232

For reservations please call the box office (330) 896-0339 or email info@theatre815.com

* * * 


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