Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Celebrate the Love - Trivia Tonight @ 8pm!

***REMEMBER: We now start at 8PM!***

Happy birthday today to the quieter half of They Might Be Giants - John Linell.

It's also Richard Ayoade's birthday. If you've never seen the I.T. Crowd, he's the show's implementation of a brilliant and possibly on the spectrum character. 
Think Sheldon, but funny. (Sorry, Team Bazinga!)

Most importantly, today is Loving Day - a celebration of the anniversary of the Supreme Court's unanimous decision in Loving v. Virginia. This is the court case that threw out US laws prohibiting inter-racial marriage.

It took televised science fiction more than a year to get the memo:

Even then, the famous kiss was the result of coercion and assault by aliens.

Tonight's PRESHOW Q (here AND the FB page):

Loving v. Virginia was cited more than 10 times in what 2015 Supreme Court decision, which opened up marriage equality to all Americans?

Answer IN PERSON by 7:55 for a shot at prizes!

Excelsior et Irrumabo Carcinodes!

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