Monday, December 21, 2015

League - Winter 2016

The Winter Trivia League is about to begin!
It's going to be an exciting Winter season!

League Format
The City Tournament will be held on Saturday, April 16th.

The top 10 teams in the league season get a bye straight to the City Tournament.
20 teams from the Semifinal(s) will join the top 10, for a total of 30 teams competing at each City Tournament.

There will be two Semifinals held on Saturday, April 9th.

The top 20 teams with the highest scores across these two Semifinals shows will move on to the City Tournament the following Saturday (4/16).

Teams 11-70 from League Season Standings compete at Semifinals on 4/9/16.

Top 20 from Semifinal standings join Teams 1-10 from League Season Standings and compete at City Tournament on 4/16/16.

Invitations will be emailed to the team captains, so be on the lookout in late March!

Please sign up for and read the Last Call Newsletter for all other updates:

Qualification and Team Size

Teams must have at least 6 scores over the 12-week long league to qualify for the Tournament. More than 6 scores?

Your 6 best scores are added together as well as averaged, creating the rankings found on the website's scoreboard.

A team may participate with up to 8 players on a weekly basis, but may only bring 6 players to the Tournament events.

Additionally, if a team has 9+ players and does not want to split into two separate and distinct teams at a weekly show, they are not eligible for prizes that night nor are the eligible to record a score toward the league.

Team Registration
Teams may register on our website at

Once on the website, select Northeast Ohio, click on "Leagues" at the top, and click on "Enroll a Team."

Enter your team name, team captain's name, valid email address, and valid phone number.

LAST CALL has have DELETED ALL TEAM NAMES from the 2015 leagues.

Teams need to sign up fresh for the new Ludimentis qualifying year and Winter League.

Important League Dates
Sunday, December 27th-First Day to Record Scores for the League
Saturday, March 19th--Last Day to Record Scores for the League

Sunday, March 20th through Saturday, April 2nd--Bye WeeksSaturday, April 9th--Semifinals
Saturday, April 16th--Finals

Saturday, April 23rd--Ludimentis!!!

Ludimentis 2016 Qualification
Here's a quick explanation on qualification for Ludimentis:
The team that places 1st at each City Tournament gets an automatic bid. This generates 8 automatic bids.
We then invite the top 25 teams from the pool of all City Tournament's Finals results. The 25 teams that scored the highest at the Finals in all of the cities combined qualify for Ludimentis.
This creates 33 bids each league season. Winter 2016 is the first season to qualify for Ludimentis in 2017.

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