Monday, October 7, 2013

AND WE'RE OFF! Results from last week, plus new show tomorrow (Tuesday at On Tap @ The Harbor!)

Last week had a great turnout for our inaugural session at On Tap @ the Harbor!

We had a total of five teams playing:

Plastic The Lathering

Canoe Paddlers

Monkey Wrenches        

Travelling Dingleberries

Jack Mehoff

Top honors went to Plastic The Lathering. 

The Canoe Paddlers came in second, followed closely by BRAND NEW TEAM Monkey Wrenches.

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out!

LEAGUE PLAY UPDATE – I submitted scores last week, but they are not all entered.

I have emailed my Trivial Overlords at Last Call USA, and they are working on the problem.

You can check HERE to see if scores are posted.

I took the liberty of enrolling some of our veteran teams, so you may already be registered!

HINT REMINDER – You should check the Last Call USA website every Monday.

If you go HERE, you can see the weekly hints.

REMEMBER: Look at the TRIVIA hints, not the Name that Tune hints.


Last Call is working on a new game.  It’s different from the regular quiz – instead of knowing insanely obscure facts, you’ll need to know what “everybody knows.” You’ll be asked about what the most popular answers are to everyday simple questions.

(You may see that there is a passing resemblance to a popular televised programme from one of the tube’s Golden Ages. Total coincidence!)

If you want to help create the game, you can visit our new site and answer the exact survey questions that will be used in the game.

We don’t have any bars signed up for this game yet, but stay tuned for more details!


            A.) I put a quiz in this newsletter every week. 

Sometimes it’s one question, sometimes several.

You can always check the blog the day of the show to see the quiz if miss the email.

This week, it’s at the bottom of this page.

There is always a prize.  It is seldom a good prize.

To win – Be the first person to tell me the correct answer IN PERSON any time AFTER 7:30pm.

(This week is a little different, see below for more details.)

            B.) I also put a slightly easier question on the facebook page for On Tap @ The Harbor.

            I post mine usually on Mondays.
            They usually re-post it under their official feed/timeline/thingy

            later that day, or on Tuesday. Check it out.

To win – Be the first person to tell me the correct answer IN PERSON any time AFTER 7:30pm.


This week’s quiz has 6 questions. 

If you take the first letter of each answer and arrange them in a certain order, they will form a word.

What is the word?

The questions are:

a.) Fans of the Cuyahoga Falls/Akron/Kent band Devo often refer to themselves by what potatonic nickname?

b.) What indoor games includes these trick shots: a “cracker” defined as “a simultaneous knock-off and squop,” and a “crud” defined as “a forceful shot whose purpose is to destroy a pile completely” ?

c.) What is the only planet in our solar system bears the name of a diety from Greek mythology?

d.) From the greek word that means “Open Sea” what nautical term refers to the zone of water that is neither close to the bottom, nor near to shore?

e.) What 1875 poem is the origin of the phrases “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” and “bloody, but unbowed” ?

f.) What canine species is thought to have hunted the Tazmanian Devil to extinction on the Austrian mainland?

See you tomorrow.



I made a book.  It's a buck.

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