Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Trivia and Costume Contest TONIGHT! 10/29 (Also, a Thai last week!)

70 Team Newcomers (7710)
70 Plastic The Lathering (7629)
48 Shiny (7675)
39 Beardsly (7740)
37 Canoe Paddlers (7630)
27 e equals MC AWESOME (7638)


TEAM NEWCOMERS finished at the top for the first time, in a tie with PLASTIC THE LATHERING! Renée on T.N. brought her son along, and she got to show him a victory!  Congratulations! (Also, Renée - forward this to him?  He gave me his email, and I must have eaten it. Apologies.)

I'm not going to give a play by play, except to say hello to BRAND NEW team Beardsly.  They finished fourth, which is not too shabby, especially considering that they could have been in the top three if Captain Carl and Tim would have just shut up and listened to Sherry. (Hope I got everyone's names right, all I have is Carl's for sure. Happy Birthday Sherry!)

There were a few candidates for Answer of The Week, but to quote Clancy Brown, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

Original question: "What four-word sweet-sounding idiom refers to something good that is added to another good thing?"  

The officially correct answer was "icing on the cake."

It's near Halloween.
Dress up!  There are prizes!

8:00 pm
On Tap @ The Harbor

Best Costume!
Worst Costume!
Special Judge's Choice Category! (aka: "It made me laugh, allright?")
Participation (aka: You made ANY attempt at a costume, no matter how half-assed.)

(Personally, I'm a little blue, because I am uncertain of my costume. It's the principle of the thing, but I'm sure I'll cook up something. That's CERTAINLY not a hint to my costume at all, but you can email me your best guess. That link is not my costume either, but I thought it would be of interest to our audience.)

Answer these 5 questions.
Take the first letters of your answers, and arrange them to form a word.
Tell me that word, IN PERSON, tonight, after 7:30 pm at On Tap on the Harbor to win a prize.

A. Also known as the WORST candy, (NO it's NOT Circus Peanuts - those are delicious!) this confectionery was first produced in 1921 by Fred W. Amend. Nabisco bought the company in 1970, and waited until 1986 to sell this brand to Leaf.  Leaf passed it on to Hershey in 1996, and Farley & Sathers bought them in 2002.  What horrible candy is it? (okay, maybe not the worst, but definitely a grandma candy)

B. Originally produced in the 1930-40s, this horrible candy was marketed as an appetite-suppressant (the active ingredient was originally benzocaine and then changed to a MUCH HEALTHIER ingredient) but finally left the market in the 1980s when its name was confused with a horrible disease, ironically also known for its slimming effects. What was this candy?

C. What is the freaky taffylike substance found in  3 Musketeers, Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, and ZERO bars ?

D. Also known as "the last thing left in the trick-or-treat bag, along with a Zagnut" this lollipop brand (sucker for you native Ohioans) was introduced by the Akron Candy Company in 1924, and comes in such great flavors such as Root Beer, Peach-Mango and "Mystery".

E. What confectionery features strongly contrasting flavors, with a particularly bitter chocolate coating around a minty sugar center, and is advertised with the tagline ""Get the Sensation!" ?

Check out On Tap's Facebook page.
I always post a much easier question there. And hey, free shot!
(Please "like" them, and comment on the trivia posts, and maybe put in
something in their wall.  You would not believe how much it helps.)

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You can see the ANSWER OF THE WEEK and more!
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