Tuesday, October 1, 2013

hang out drink win $ 1000.00

hang out    drink    win $ 1000.00   

Actually, it started in September, but there is still plenty of time to get in on the action.

Show up at a Last Call USA Weekly Quiz Night at your local drinking establishment.
(Perhaps the one HERE, for example?)

Register your team with the host.
Alternatively, you can sign up online by going HERE.
Either way, you’ll need to use the same team name each time you play.

Play at least 6 times between now and Saturday, November 23rd.
(For folks at On Tap @ The Harbor, there are 8 chances to play, but you can also play at ANY Last Call USA location!  If you are willing to travel, you could rack up a quiz score almost every night!)

If you are one of the top teams you’ll be invited to our SUPER-DUPER-QUIZBOWL-FINALS at a time and location to be named later.

Important League Information:

League teams may only have 6 players.
League lasts 12 weeks and we will record your top 6 scores over the 12 week period.
You must play at least 6 times or more to qualify for the tournament.
It's free to play and you have nothing to lose.
You could win $1,000 in Cold Hard CASH!!*

*Temperature and density not guaranteed.

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